How do you spell Show

Available Definitions:
1)  v. t. - To exhibit or present to view; to place in sight; to display; -- the thing exhibited being the object, and often with an indirect object denoting the person or thing seeing or beholding; as, to show a house; show your colors; shopkeepers show customers goods (show goods to customers).
2)  v. t. - To exhibit to the mental view; to tell; to disclose; to reveal; to make known; as, to show one's designs.
3)  v. t. - Specifically, to make known the way to (a person); hence, to direct; to guide; to asher; to conduct; as, to show a person into a parlor; to show one to the door.
4)  v. t. - To make apparent or clear, as by evidence, testimony, or reasoning; to prove; to explain; also, to manifest; to evince; as, to show the truth of a statement; to show the causes of an event.
5)  v. t. - To bestow; to confer; to afford; as, to show favor.
6)  v. i. - To exhibit or manifest one's self or itself; to appear; to look; to be in appearance; to seem.
7)  v. i. - To have a certain appearance, as well or ill, fit or unfit; to become or suit; to appear.
8)  n. - The act of showing, or bringing to view; exposure to sight; exhibition.
9)  n. - That which os shown, or brought to view; that which is arranged to be seen; a spectacle; an exhibition; as, a traveling show; a cattle show.
10)  n. - Proud or ostentatious display; parade; pomp.
11)  n. - Semblance; likeness; appearance.
12)  n. - False semblance; deceitful appearance; pretense.
13)  n. - A discharge, from the vagina, of mucus streaked with blood, occuring a short time before labor.
14)  n. - A pale blue flame, at the top of a candle flame, indicating the presence of fire damp.

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