Spelling Bee Ninja Features List

Hi everybody!!!
Welcome to spelling Bee Ninja (SBN), the best tool for spelling bee training.
Here follows the list of features offered, read it carefully to get an comprehensive idea of what you can do with SBN:

Create spelling words lists

Using SBN you can create your own Spelling words list, you can use your own words or use the ones provided by the spelling bee search engine.
Add your words to "My Words" basket and from there save them to a new list or add to an existing one.

Import words into your lists

Using the Import words function you can create a custom spelling list from any text or list found online or from your teacher, just paste the list into the import box and your list will be ready to be used for spelling tests.

Spelling List sharing and embedding in your website

The spelling lists you create can be embedded in your website as well.
Just remember to save the list as public (visible to everybody), use the "Embed" button and copy the html code in your webpage.

Get Spelling bee related information for every single word

Every word is linked to a card containing spelling bee related insights, difficulty level and more. The more students take spelling tests the more Spelling Bee Ninja learns about words' difficulty.
Also it can define how difficult a word is for students from different nations.

Listen to pronunciation

You can also hear the proper, letter by letter, English pronunciation for each word.

Official Spelling tests with proper words lists for each grade

You can take as many Official spelling tests as you want using our amazing Spelling Bee Ninja web app.
Words list for Official tests are provided by the system accordingly to your grade/level as SBN database contains difficulty information about every English word.

Unofficial Spelling tests with custom created lists

You can also take custom spelling tests using your own words lists, the ones you created using the spelling bee search engine, or the one you imported through the import function.

Error List containing the misspelled words

All the words you misspelled during your tests will be added in a special list called Error List, that you should consider for improving your spelling skills.

Study List containing the words to be checked

You can also add any word to your Study List, that is designed to contain the words you will have to memorize.

Spelling test report card

After every spelling test a detailed report card will be created.
The card will contain reporting your score, errors, timing, percentages, school and world ranking and other details about your test.
The misspelled words will be listed in tables along with the correct ones and automatically added to your "Error list".

Achievement certificates

If you score very high in an Official spelling test, Spelling Bee Ninja will reward you with an official, electronic Achievement Certificate, that you can save and print.

Top spellers world rankings

All the Official Spelling Tests scores are recorded into the Spelling Bee world rankings.
Rankings are divided by students' grade, there is also a world top 100 spellers.

School Top spellers

Setup your school to compete against your school and class mates and get into your School's Spelling Bee ranking.
You can set your school when registering or from your profile.
If you can't find your school in the schools' DB, just set the requested data (school name, country and city); we will add it to our database in few hours.

Multiple Students for family accounts

By creating a family account you can setup multiple students in the same account, so, if you have many kids preparing for spelling bee you can manage all of them from a single account.
Check our plans for details.

Teachers accounts with up to 20 invited students per class

If you are a teacher, you can create a classroom or teacher account, that will allow you to invite your student to join you as teacher when creating their own accounts.
From a teacher account you can control your students' activity, assign spelling tests and keep track of results.
Check our plans for details.

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