Spelling Bee Search Engine Syntax:

Mai can generate custom spelling words lists to help you mastering spelling bee competitions and improve your spelling skills, here follows a detailed description of the spelling search engine syntax.

Search for a word:
To search for a given word or part of it just type it in the box, in case of multiple words only the first will be considered, word must be 3 or more charachters long.

Using wildcard:
You can use one wildcard character % to indicate one or more generic characters, you can use it one time at the beginning in the middle or at the end of a query.
Examples (click to execute):

Search for a word of a given grade:
Enter your word or part of the word and specify the difficulty grade with the grade instruction.
grade:3 ous
will retrieve the words for grade 3 containing 'ous', when using this type of search the specified word must be 3 or more characters long.

Get a generic spelling list for a given grade:
Just type in the grade instruction for the desired difficulty.
Example (click to execute):
will geneate a spelling words list of 10 elements for the 8th graders grade.

Get a spelling list for a given grade by starting letter:
if you want a list of words starting with a given letter then specify the letter (only one).
Example (click to execute):
grade:4 s

Difficulty grades:
The difficulty grades specified by the grade: instruction range from 1 to 10. In particular (click to execute):
grade:1 Grade 1 difficulty.
grade:2 Grade 2 difficulty.
grade:3 Grade 3 difficulty.
grade:4 Grade 4 difficulty.
grade:5 Grade 5 difficulty.
grade:6 Grade 6 difficulty.
grade:7 Grade 7 difficulty.
grade:8 Grade 8 difficulty.
grade:9 Adult grade difficulty.
grade:10 Very hard difficulty.

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