About Spelling Bee Ninja

Spelling Bee Ninja (aka SBN), the #1 spelling Bee trainer. A professional spelling bee training system.
It has been carefully designed to deliver significant improvements
and boost Spelling Bee skills very quickly, for students of every grade.

How does it work

SBN contains every single English word and is aware of the level of difficulty of each one.
SBN provides realistic spelling bee test simulations in natural English. It can provide custom study list and keep track of errors.
Spelling Bee Ninja learns by collecting data related to spelling bee words, such as word difficulty, frequency of usage, misspell rate based on students nationality, age and other parameters.
For each word, the SBN search engine provides data and analytics related to Spelling Bee.
Using its data, SBN can also generate custom spelling bee words lists of a given difficulty.

The aim of Spelling Bee Ninja System is to provide the most reliable and powerful intelligence tool related to the spelling bee.

SBN Version: 3.11

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