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Spelling Bee Ninja :: Tutorial

Welcome to the Spelling Bee Ninja web app,

Spelling Bee Ninja (SBN for short) is a software dedicated to students and teachers willing to improve Spelling skills and train for Spelling Bee competitions.
The system offers a wide array of features and can be used in many ways, follow this step by step guide to understand the logic beneath and start using it in minutes.
Also check the Help page for a more detailed description of the features offered.
In case of necessity, contact us by opening a support ticket, also read our technical article series dedicated to SBN.
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Training for spelling bee.

Now you can start training using Spelling Bee Ninja. First create a student profile from the students section, then start a spelling test by clicking the link Spelling Bee from the Menu.
Spelling bee Ninja will train you for Spelling Bee using your personal words list or by using the Smart Training feature.
You can also take Official tests choosing the SBN Official Dictionary, which contains thousands of selected words, carefully optimized to enhance spelling capabilities.
Choose The Official dictionary to take an Official Spelling Test and get into World rankings.
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Smart Training.

The Smart Training feature is a very effective spelling bee preparation method.
Spelling Bee Ninja keeps track of the words you misspelled during tests and the ones you spelled correctly.
When taking a Spelling Test, under the "Words Source" option, choose:
"SBN Smart Training (Learn)" to train with the words you misspelled in the past plus new words tailored for you.
"SBN Smart Training (Review)"o take a spelling test with the words you spelled correctly in the past. Use this feature to review the words you already learned.
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Analyze results, fix your errors and train again.

After each session, you will get a detailed report of your spelling test, the misspelled words will be automatically added to a special list called "Error List". The Error List is accessible from the student's card and its purpose it to keep track of the misspelled words, you can also take spelling tests using the error list to check if you learned the spelling correctly, if yes, you can remove the words you learned from the error list.
Under the Student's card you will also find a "Statistics" button pointing to a page presenting the average scores and other statistics for the student and the progress within the "Smart Training" process. From this page you could also Reset the Smart Trainer in case you want to restart with a fresh training cycle.
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Working with words and lists.

Use the Spelling Bee Search Engine or the "Words" section from the top menu to search the words of your interests. Use the "Add to my words" function to add them to the temporary words list accessible via the "My Words" link. Click on each word to access to the word's card (check for instance the word "Awkward"). For each word you will find detailed spelling bee information and insights such as the word difficulty grade, the spelling statistics for the words and more. Click on the speaker icon to hear the right pronunciation of the word.
You can also import words contained in any text using copy paste: to import your words go to "My words" and click "Import Words" button.
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Select your words properly.

Select your words by difficulty grade, in the Words Section you could get list of random words by Grade of difficulty, if you are a third grader you might want to try the 3rd Grade word ideas.
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Save your lists.

As you finish collecting your words you can proceed by saving the contents of the "My words" section to a new list (or add to an existing one). Please keep in mind that "My Words" is a temporary memory area and will be deleted as your session expires. To make your list persistent and usable you have to save your words to a Spelling List after Signing In, using the Save List button.
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Keep on training on a daily basis.

The secret to master Spelling Bee competitions is to train again and again using the right words lists and keeping track of your errors. Spelling Bee Ninja is the ideal companion to do this as its main purpose is to help students to improve Spelling capabilities.
As more and more users will use the system the database will get more and more data to provide you words list specifically tailored on you needs, using parameters as your nationality and your mother language. When you take tests using the Official SBN dictionary, that will be considered as an official test, and the score will be recorded and listed in the Spelling Bee Official rankings.
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If you are a teacher, open a class account.

Special accounts for classroom allow the account owner (e.g. a teacher or tutor) to invite students to join using an invitation code so every student will have an account that will be controlled by the teacher.
In this case the Tutor/Teacher that will be able to check Spelling tests results, assign spelling lists and more, to open a classroom account, proceed by selecting upgrade plan from your account page and choose a classroom plan.
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