How do you spell Knew

Available Definitions:
1)  n. - Knee.
2)  v. i. - To perceive or apprehend clearly and certainly; to understand; to have full information of; as, to know one's duty.
3)  v. i. - To be convinced of the truth of; to be fully assured of; as, to know things from information.
4)  v. i. - To be acquainted with; to be no stranger to; to be more or less familiar with the person, character, etc., of; to possess experience of; as, to know an author; to know the rules of an organization.
5)  v. i. - To recognize; to distinguish; to discern the character of; as, to know a person's face or figure.
6)  v. i. - To have sexual commerce with.
7)  v. i. - To have knowledge; to have a clear and certain perception; to possess wisdom, instruction, or information; -- often with of.
8)  v. i. - To be assured; to feel confident.

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