How do you spell Half

Available Definitions:
1)  a. - Consisting of a moiety, or half; as, a half bushel; a half hour; a half dollar; a half view.
2)  a. - Consisting of some indefinite portion resembling a half; approximately a half, whether more or less; partial; imperfect; as, a half dream; half knowledge.
3)  adv. - In an equal part or degree; in some pa/ appro/mating a half; partially; imperfectly; as, half-colored, half done, half-hearted, half persuaded, half conscious.
4)  a. - Part; side; behalf.
5)  a. - One of two equal parts into which anything may be divided, or considered as divided; -- sometimes followed by of; as, a half of an apple.
6)  v. t. - To halve. [Obs.] See Halve .

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