How do you spell Children

Available Definitions:
1)  n. - pl. of Child.
2)  n. - A descendant, however remote; -- used esp. in the plural; as, the children of Israel; the children of Edom.
3)  n. - One who, by character of practice, shows signs of relationship to, or of the influence of, another; one closely connected with a place, occupation, character, etc.; as, a child of God; a child of the devil; a child of disobedience; a child of toil; a child of the people.
4)  n. - A noble youth. See Childe.
5)  n. - A young person of either sex. esp. one between infancy and youth; hence, one who exhibits the characteristics of a very young person, as innocence, obedience, trustfulness, limited understanding, etc.
6)  n. - A female infant.
7)  v. i. - To give birth; to produce young.

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