How do you spell Carry

Available Definitions:
1)  v. t. - To convey or transport in any manner from one place to another; to bear; -- often with away or off.
2)  v. t. - To have or hold as a burden, while moving from place to place; to have upon or about one's person; to bear; as, to carry a wound; to carry an unborn child.
3)  v. t. - To move; to convey by force; to impel; to conduct; to lead or guide.
4)  v. t. - To transfer from one place (as a country, book, or column) to another; as, to carry the war from Greece into Asia; to carry an account to the ledger; to carry a number in adding figures.
5)  v. t. - To convey by extension or continuance; to extend; as, to carry the chimney through the roof; to carry a road ten miles farther.
6)  v. t. - To bear or uphold successfully through conflict, as a leader or principle; hence, to succeed in, as in a contest; to bring to a successful issue; to win; as, to carry an election.
7)  v. t. - To get possession of by force; to capture.
8)  v. t. - To contain; to comprise; to bear the aspect of ; to show or exhibit; to imply.
9)  v. t. - To bear (one's self); to behave, to conduct or demean; -- with the reflexive pronouns.
10)  v. t. - To bear the charges or burden of holding or having, as stocks, merchandise, etc., from one time to another; as, a merchant is carrying a large stock; a farm carries a mortgage; a broker carries stock for a customer; to carry a life insurance.
11)  v. i. - To act as a bearer; to convey anything; as, to fetch and carry.
12)  v. i. - To have propulsive power; to propel; as, a gun or mortar carries well.
13)  v. i. - To hold the head; -- said of a horse; as, to carry well i. e., to hold the head high, with arching neck.
14)  v. i. - To have earth or frost stick to the feet when running, as a hare.
15)  n. - A tract of land, over which boats or goods are carried between two bodies of navigable water; a carrying place; a portage.

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