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Available Definitions:
1)  adv. & conj. - Denoting equality or likeness in kind, degree, or manner; like; similar to; in the same manner with or in which; in accordance with; in proportion to; to the extent or degree in which or to which; equally; no less than; as, ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil; you will reap as you sow; do as you are bidden.
2)  adv. & conj. - In the idea, character, or condition of, -- limiting the view to certain attributes or relations; as, virtue considered as virtue; this actor will appear as Hamlet.
3)  adv. & conj. - While; during or at the same time that; when; as, he trembled as he spoke.
4)  adv. & conj. - Because; since; it being the case that.
5)  adv. & conj. - Expressing concession. (Often approaching though in meaning).
6)  adv. & conj. - That, introducing or expressing a result or consequence, after the correlatives so and such.
7)  adv. & conj. - As if; as though.
8)  adv. & conj. - For instance; by way of example; thus; -- used to introduce illustrative phrases, sentences, or citations.
9)  adv. & conj. - Than.
10)  adv. & conj. - Expressing a wish.
11)  n. - An ace.
12)  n. - A Roman weight, answering to the libra or pound, equal to nearly eleven ounces Troy weight. It was divided into twelve ounces.
13)  n. - A Roman copper coin, originally of a pound weight (12 oz.); but reduced, after the first Punic war, to two ounces; in the second Punic war, to one ounce; and afterwards to half an ounce.

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