How do you spell Volunteer

Available Definitions:
1)  a. - One who enters into, or offers for, any service of his own free will.
2)  a. - One who enters into service voluntarily, but who, when in service, is subject to discipline and regulations like other soldiers; -- opposed to conscript; specifically, a voluntary member of the organized militia of a country as distinguished from the standing army.
3)  a. - A grantee in a voluntary conveyance; one to whom a conveyance is made without valuable consideration; a party, other than a wife or child of the grantor, to whom, or for whose benefit, a voluntary conveyance is made.
4)  a. - Of or pertaining to a volunteer or volunteers; consisting of volunteers; voluntary; as, volunteer companies; volunteer advice.
5)  v. t. - To offer or bestow voluntarily, or without solicitation or compulsion; as, to volunteer one's services.
6)  v. i. - To enter into, or offer for, any service of one's own free will, without solicitation or compulsion; as, he volunteered in that undertaking.

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