How do you spell Presume

Available Definitions:
1)  v. t. - To assume or take beforehand; esp., to do or undertake without leave or authority previously obtained.
2)  v. t. - To take or suppose to be true, or entitled to belief, without examination or proof, or on the strength of probability; to take for granted; to infer; to suppose.
3)  v. i. - To suppose or assume something to be, or to be true, on grounds deemed valid, though not amounting to proof; to believe by anticipation; to infer; as, we may presume too far.
4)  v. i. - To venture, go, or act, by an assumption of leave or authority not granted; to go beyond what is warranted by the circumstances of the case; to venture beyond license; to take liberties; -- often with on or upon before the ground of confidence.

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