How do you spell Answer 

Available Definitions:
1)  n. - To speak in defense against; to reply to in defense; as, to answer a charge; to answer an accusation.
2)  n. - To speak or write in return to, as in return to a call or question, or to a speech, declaration, argument, or the like; to reply to (a question, remark, etc.); to respond to.
3)  n. - To respond to satisfactorily; to meet successfully by way of explanation, argument, or justification, and the like; to refute.
4)  n. - To be or act in return or response to.
5)  n. - To be or act in compliance with, in fulfillment or satisfaction of, as an order, obligation, demand; as, he answered my claim upon him; the servant answered the bell.
6)  n. - To render account to or for.
7)  n. - To atone; to be punished for.
8)  n. - To be opposite to; to face.
9)  n. - To be or act an equivalent to, or as adequate or sufficient for; to serve for; to repay.
10)  n. - To be or act in accommodation, conformity, relation, or proportion to; to correspond to; to suit.
11)  v. i. - To speak or write by way of return (originally, to a charge), or in reply; to make response.
12)  v. i. - To make a satisfactory response or return.
13)  v. i. - To render account, or to be responsible; to be accountable; to make amends; as, the man must answer to his employer for the money intrusted to his care.
14)  v. i. - To be or act in return.
15)  v. i. - To be or act by way of compliance, fulfillment, reciprocation, or satisfaction; to serve the purpose; as, gypsum answers as a manure on some soils.
16)  v. i. - To be opposite, or to act in opposition.
17)  v. i. - To be or act as an equivalent, or as adequate or sufficient; as, a very few will answer.
18)  v. i. - To be or act in conformity, or by way of accommodation, correspondence, relation, or proportion; to conform; to correspond; to suit; -- usually with to.
19)  n. - A reply to a change; a defense.
20)  n. - Something said or written in reply to a question, a call, an argument, an address, or the like; a reply.
21)  n. - Something done in return for, or in consequence of, something else; a responsive action.
22)  n. - A solution, the result of a mathematical operation; as, the answer to a problem.
23)  n. - A counter-statement of facts in a course of pleadings; a confutation of what the other party has alleged; a responsive declaration by a witness in reply to a question. In Equity, it is the usual form of defense to the complainant's charges in his bill.

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