How do you spell Slid

Available Definitions:
1)   - imp. & p. p. of Slide.
2)  v. t. - Especially, to move over snow or ice with a smooth, uninterrupted motion, as on a sled moving by the force of gravity, or on the feet.
3)  v. t. - To pass inadvertently.
4)  v. t. - To pass along smoothly or unobservedly; to move gently onward without friction or hindrance; as, a ship or boat slides through the water.
5)  v. t. - To slip when walking or standing; to fall.
6)  v. t. - To pass from one note to another with no perceptible cassation of sound.
7)  v. t. - To pass out of one's thought as not being of any consequence.
8)  v. t. - To cause to slide; to thrust along; as, to slide one piece of timber along another.
9)  v. t. - To pass or put imperceptibly; to slip; as, to slide in a word to vary the sense of a question.
10)  n. - The act of sliding; as, a slide on the ice.
11)  n. - Smooth, even passage or progress.
12)  n. - That on which anything moves by sliding.
13)  n. - An inclined plane on which heavy bodies slide by the force of gravity, esp. one constructed on a mountain side for conveying logs by sliding them down.
14)  n. - A surface of ice or snow on which children slide for amusement.
15)  n. - That which operates by sliding.
16)  n. - A cover which opens or closes an aperture by sliding over it.
17)  n. - A moving piece which is guided by a part or parts along which it slides.
18)  n. - A clasp or brooch for a belt, or the like.
19)  n. - A plate or slip of glass on which is a picture or delineation to be exhibited by means of a magic lantern, stereopticon, or the like; a plate on which is an object to be examined with a microscope.
20)  n. - The descent of a mass of earth, rock, or snow down a hill or mountain side; as, a land slide, or a snow slide; also, the track of bare rock left by a land slide.
21)  n. - A small dislocation in beds of rock along a line of fissure.
22)  n. - A grace consisting of two or more small notes moving by conjoint degrees, and leading to a principal note either above or below.
23)  n. - An apparatus in the trumpet and trombone by which the sounding tube is lengthened and shortened so as to produce the tones between the fundamental and its harmonics.
24)  n. - A sound which, by a gradual change in the position of the vocal organs, passes imperceptibly into another sound.
25)  n. - Same as Guide bar, under Guide.
26)  n. - A slide valve.

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