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Spelling words list for: 7th Grade. 10 elements

# Word Grade Definition My List
1 Revenge 7th Grade To inflict harm in return for, as an injury, insult, etc.; to exact satisfaction for, under a sense of injury; to avenge; -- followed either by the wrong received, or by the person or thing wronged, as the object, or by the reciprocal pronoun as direct object, and a preposition before the wrong done or the wrongdoer.
2 Engorge 7th Grade To gorge; to glut.
3 Refuge 7th Grade Shelter or protection from danger or distress.
4 Endow 7th Grade To furnish with money or its equivalent, as a permanent fund for support; to make pecuniary provision for; to settle an income upon; especially, to furnish with dower; as, to endow a wife; to endow a public institution.
5 Crafty 7th Grade Relating to, or characterized by, craft or skill; dexterous.
6 Vignette 7th Grade A running ornament consisting of leaves and tendrils, used in Gothic architecture.
7 Reciprocal 7th Grade Recurring in vicissitude; alternate.
8 Dismal 7th Grade Fatal; ill-omened; unlucky.
9 Languid 7th Grade Drooping or flagging from exhaustion; indisposed to exertion; without animation; weak; weary; heavy; dull.
10 Banter 7th Grade To address playful good-natured ridicule to, -- the person addressed, or something pertaining to him, being the subject of the jesting; to rally; as, he bantered me about my credulity.

Revenge Engorge Refuge Endow Crafty Vignette Reciprocal Dismal Languid Banter

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