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Spelling words list for: 5th Grade. 10 elements

# Word Grade Definition My List
1 Intrusive 5th Grade Apt to intrude; characterized by intrusion; entering without right or welcome.
2 Crinkly 5th Grade Having crinkles; wavy; wrinkly.
3 Quizzed 5th Grade Of Quiz
4 Leather 5th Grade The skin of an animal, or some part of such skin, tanned, tawed, or otherwise dressed for use; also, dressed hides, collectively.
5 Ooze 5th Grade Soft mud or slime; earth so wet as to flow gently, or easily yield to pressure.
6 Exhibit 5th Grade To hold forth or present to view; to produce publicly, for inspection; to show, especially in order to attract notice to what is interesting; to display; as, to exhibit commodities in a warehouse, a picture in a gallery.
7 Listless 5th Grade Having no desire or inclination; indifferent; heedless; spiritless.
8 Cargo 5th Grade The lading or freight of a ship or other vessel; the goods, merchandise, or whatever is conveyed in a vessel or boat; load; freight.
9 Exhaustible 5th Grade Capable of being exhausted, drained off, or expended.
10 Previous 5th Grade Going before in time; being or happening before something else; antecedent; prior; as, previous arrangements; a previous illness.

Intrusive Crinkly Quizzed Leather Ooze Exhibit Listless Cargo Exhaustible Previous

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