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Spelling words list for: Very Hard. 10 elements

# Word Grade Definition My List
1 Archetypal Very Hard Of or pertaining to an archetype; consisting a model (real or ideal) or pattern; original.
2 Insurgent Very Hard Rising in opposition to civil or political authority, or against an established government; insubordinate; rebellious.
3 Heterogenous Very Hard Of or pertaining to heterogenesis; heterogenetic.
4 Frondescence Very Hard The time at which each species of plants unfolds its leaves.
5 Quiescent Very Hard Being in a state of repose; at rest; still; not moving; as, a quiescent body or fluid.
6 Vestige Very Hard The mark of the foot left on the earth; a track or footstep; a trace; a sign; hence, a faint mark or visible sign left by something which is lost, or has perished, or is no longer present; remains; as, the vestiges of ancient magnificence in Palmyra; vestiges of former population.
7 Revision Very Hard The act of revising; reexamination for correction; review; as, the revision of a book or writing, or of a proof sheet; a revision of statutes.
8 Extraneous Very Hard Not belonging to, or dependent upon, a thing; without or beyond a thing; not essential or intrinsic; foreign; as, to separate gold from extraneous matter.
9 Tangential Very Hard Of or pertaining to a tangent; in the direction of a tangent.
10 Travesty Very Hard Disguised by dress so as to be ridiculous; travestied; -- applied to a book or shorter composition.

Archetypal Insurgent Heterogenous Frondescence Quiescent Vestige Revision Extraneous Tangential Travesty

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